compost spores & health

Mike Dorrington m1dorrin at
Mon Mar 21 13:06:20 EST 1994

Can anyone answer below (forwarded) message?

>We are looking for information on the possible health
>effects of a mold spore-- Aspergillus fumigatus-- that is
>associated with composting operations and can also be found
>in the air and in buildings.  A study by the New York state
>Dept. of Health came out last week with information
>suggesting that it was not the cause of respiratory or other
>health problems around an Islip Long Island composting
>facility.  At the same time the study said composting
>facilities should not be located near hospitals, in
>particular, medical facilities with bone marrow transplant
>operations.  If you have any information on this subject,
>please send me an e-mail message.  Thanks!  -- David Hess,
>Executive Director, Pennsylvania Senate Environmental
>Resources & Energy Committee.

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