Neurospora G6PDH

Matt Springer springer at CMGM.STANFORD.EDU
Wed Mar 23 18:57:27 EST 1994

With regards to Glen Shearer's inquiry about glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase
mutants, the N. crassa mutants frost (fr), balloon (bal), and colonial-2 
(col-2), none of which are necessarily G6PDH lesions, are all nonetheless
defficient in G6PDH.  To the naked eye, these mutants might appear to be more
"yeast-like" in that they grow in dinstinct colonies, rather than exhibiting
the usual spreading growth.  However, on the microscopic level, the fr mutant
does not conidiate by budding, favoring a twisted, gnarled branching that
makes it resemble coral when observed by SEM.  On this level, then, it is
even LESS yeast-like than the wild-type.  I don't know what the other two
mutants look like at the microscopic level.

-Matt Springer

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