use of phleomycin in transformation

Tue Mar 29 08:22:52 EST 1994

I'm working with the basidiomycete Schizophyllum commune and we are 
using the phleomycin (bleomycin) resistance system for transformation. 
If we use 0.5 M MgSO4 as osmotic stabiliser during regeneration of the 
protoplasts we obtain 1000-5000 times as many transformants compared 
to using 1M sorbitol. This is not caused by differences in 
regeneration efficiency and also not by obtaining false positives. 
However, if we try the same procedure for other basidiomycetes we do 
seem to obtain false positives. Who recognizes this from his/her own 
work or has any idea how MgSo4 interacts with phleomycin?

Frank Schuren
Dept. Plant Biology
University of Groningen
The Netherlands
e-mail: schurenf at

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