Studying effects of tenuazonic acid

Rebecca Cornelius rcorneli at
Mon Mar 28 19:42:11 EST 1994

Hullo everyone, after several years as a lurker I finally have an account
that will let me mail.
I am in my honours year at the University of New England in Armidale, NSW,
Australia and am investigating bacterial resistance to the mycotoxin
tenuazonic acid. Tenuazonic acid is a secondary metabolite produced by a wide
variety of fungii, particularly Alternaria alternata. The toxin has been 
implicated in the haematolgoical disorder
onyalai in Africa and has been found to inhibit protein synthesis in mammals. 
Tenuazonic acid has also been shown to be involved in rice-blast disease and
tobacco brown spot disease.
I am intending to examine bacterial resistance, firstly by using Bacillis 
megaterium followed by field samples. If resistance is found (and I hope it is
or my project disappears rapidly :-) ) I intend to find what is causing the
resistance and then, depending on time, isolated the gene.

If anyone has any information on tenuazonic acid, its effects (especially in
the aetiology of onyalai) could they please mail me. I am particularly 
interested in a paper in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry,(1965)  vol 8,
 pg 483 which is proving difficult to get hold of so if anyone can help it 
would be greatly appreciated.


Rebecca (Bec) Cornelius

rcorneli at

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