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Tue May 3 06:12:42 EST 1994

FROM:	Dr. Frank Buxton
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I have found Novozyme at US$44/gm with a minimum order of
10gm from Interspex Products Inc., 1155 Chess Drive, Suite 114, 
Foster City, CA 94404, U.S.A., Tel: 415 570 4337, FAX: 415 570 5215
Most people in the states have bought it from the same source at US$22
whether this reflects a change in price or this is the price they 
charge to nonUS customers is a matter for conjecture.

Some people have also recommended Glucanex available from Novo, 
Neumatt, CH-4243, Dittingen, Switzerland, Tel: (Switzerland) 
61 765 61 11 at SwFr100 for 50g but I have not tried it yet so I 
cannot comment on how good it is. It may also be available from 
Novo in the states too.

Thanks very much to all the people that contributed information

       Dr. Frank Buxton.

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