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Tue May 3 10:45:50 EST 1994

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>There was a recent reply to a question about codon usage in fungi, that
>suggested obtaining the program SEQAID.  What are some popular
>computer software servers?  I am very new on the internet and so am only
>slowly finding my way around.  I found the FASTA program recently, but I
>don't know where to find other useful programs like SEQAID.  Would some
>more experienced users pass along their knowledge please.
>Thanks for any help.  Seanna

I would try connecting to
Don Gilbert has done a wonderful job there and has not only some good 
shareware software for download but also a good gopher-hole for Genbank 
name search and retrieval.  If you don't have a copy of Gopher I would 
suggest you stop off in the gopher software directories and pick up a 
copy.  If you aren't hard-wired into the internet then you should at 
least get a gopher client onto your local network machine.  Sure makes 
surfing the internet easier.  By the way.  SEQAID is for DOS only and is 
available for ftp from IUBio at

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