Q:FGSC on Gopher?

Carol S. Enderlin enderc at ESSEX.HSC.COLORADO.EDU
Thu May 5 09:46:10 EST 1994

> >I remember seeing that FGSC was available via either Gopher or WWW.
> >Can somebody tell which system it's on?
> >
> The following gopher route will get you to the FGSC stock list via gopher:
> NIH gopher/molecular biology databases/other databases/many MolBio
> Databases/ Fungal Genetics Stock Center (Texas).  There may well be a less
> baroque route, but I haven't found it.

There are lots of indirect ways to get to FGSC the info, here is the address
for direct gophering...

+INFO: 1Fungal Genetics at U. Texas Houston Med School		
utmmg20.med.uth.tmc.edu	70
Not to mention lots of goodies on "Bio Gophers" housed on this gopher:

+INFO: 1Bio Gophers	1/Bio and Medical Gophers and Info. Sites/Bio Gophers
	itsa.ucsf.edu	70
For more Neurospora, FGSC-related info check into this one:

+INFO: 1Neurospora Information (Daresbury, UK)	1/Neurospora	
s-crim1.dl.ac.uk	70

NEUROSPORA  is a  service  for  the world-wide Neurospora   community,
mounted  on  the UK Science   and Engineering Research  Council SEQNET
computer facility at Daresbury.

It contains a  variety of  types  of information,  including regularly
up-dated  FGCS stock lists,   linkage  maps, abstracts  of papers  and
posters at the bi-annual Asilomar meetings, annual bibliographies, and
other information of relevance to the community.

Carol Enderlin
enderc at essex.hsc.colorado.edu

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