How to find FGSC on-line

Fri May 6 08:02:27 EST 1994

The definitive word from the source:
   FGSC information, including complete stock lists, some reprints from
Fungal Genetics Newsletter, and the list of subscribers to FGN can be found
via the WWW.  For those of you with Mosaic, the simplest path is to go to this

   The same main page can be accessed directly through the Virtual Library
arranged by Subject appearing on the opening WWW page.  Select BioSciences
and then search for the University of Kansas in the list of locations that
   FGSC can also be found under CERN's list of servers arranged by geographic
location.  Again you should search for the University of Kansas, but this time
you will be delivered to the opening page of KUfacts, which is the local CWIS.
Select Departmental Information, then Medical Center Resources, then FGSC.
   The Stock Center server is also cross-referenced in a list of biological
resources on WWW which is maintained at Harvard.  With any luck, and perhaps
prodding from loyal readers, links will be established at other locations.
   In theory this information is also available via gopher.  The Telecom and
Info Sci Lab (TISL) at the University of Kansas has a gopher containing a
telnet link to KUfacts, described above.  This gopher has been out of service
every time I tried it in the past two months.
   A note about the Fungal Genetics gopher server at UT-Houston.  This came
as a result of an early collaboration with FGSC, but was never completed.
Only limited information will be found there and in a similar abortive project
at Daresbury England (under the title Neurospora).  The KU server, regularly
maintained by FGSC, will be the site where all future expansion efforts will
be directed.
   I will be happy to answer any questions about this project and would love
to hear comments (negative and especially positive) about the information
provided.  Direct queries and comments to fgsc at

Craig Wilson

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