Fungal Genetics Text Book

G Turner gn1gt at
Tue May 24 04:34:05 EST 1994

Does anyone know of a good, relatively up to date textbook 
covering basic fungal genetics?  Although there are a number 
of recent books on Applied Fungal Molecular Genetics, we are 
concerned at the lack of Fungal Genetics books still in print 
in the U.K. (i.e. NONE at present).  Most Microbial Genetics 
text books deal only with bacteria and phage, sometimes with 
a passing mention only of fungi.
Our undergraduate students are often asking for where they 
can read more about the parasexual cycle, mitotic recombination,
meiotic mapping etc. in fungi, and we  have to tell them that 
the books we recommend  (e.g. Fincham, Day and Radford) are 
all that remains of out of print books in the library or on our 

Geoff Turner
Morris Grindle
Sheffield, U.K.
gn1gt at

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