Clitocybe nuda?

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Tue Nov 8 08:39:55 EST 1994

Much domestication and breeding work on C. nuda has been done at INRA 
Bordeaux, Station Champignons, B.P. 81, 33883 Villenave d'Ornon, FRANCE, 
by J. Guinberteau et al.  A forthcoming paper by P. Callac in CJB devotes 
a paragraph to this subject, including citations.  50-80 tons have been 
produced annually in France since 1990.  A hybrid cultivar, FERLAND(r) 
INRA-SOMYCEL is sold by Somycel S.A., Z.I Sud-Route de Tours, 37130 
Langeais, FRANCE.  [Full disclosure: I am associated with Sylvan/Somycel]

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Ralph D. Arnold (rarnold at wrote:
: Would you please help me?

: I am seeking info on the cultivation of Clitocybe nuda (=Lepista nuda).
: I was informed that this species is being raised in the UK.  Would
: you be kind enough to "point" me towards sources of information concerning
: the cultivation - perhaps even commercially - of this fine fungi?

: Let me thank you in advance for any assistance,

: Ralph D. Arnold

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