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This may not be a total solution but you could try
introducing a competing species - such as an 
aggressive candidate like Stropharia rugoso-
annulata and bring in a truckload of sawdust. At least
this species would not be likely to be confused
with the Lepiota species you mention.

One more word of advice that I have always given
my children during their toddler years -

"mushrooms can't poison you if you don't eat them.
only eat mushrooms which your parents cook 
for you. mushrooms should never be eaten raw."

This advise was well taken and one day  my kids 
happily brought me a deadly Galerina for me to ID.!
I find this far better than reinforcing mycophobia
by telling naturally inquisitive youngsters NOT 
admonition more often encourages children to
disobey their parents - at least once - as we
all are guilty of defying parental authority. 
 I assure parents that no mushroom is going
to jump out of the ground and attack you. You
just need not to ingest them. In this regard
does anyone know of any mushroom which
has topically poisoned a person handling
a species? I do not. 

paul stamets

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