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Richard W. Kerrigan rwk at
Tue Nov 8 08:50:13 EST 1994

You may want to write to Dr. Ian K. Ross, Dept. of Biological Sciences, 
University of California, Santa Barbara, CA  93106.  His son, Keith, 
wrote a masters thesis in the Geology Dept. there, on etching of glass 
and sand crystals by fungal hyphae.  The year was probably 1988.  Good luck!

Rick Kerrigan (rwk at

Keitaro Tawaraya (AB143 at wrote:
: I am now measuring the hyphal growth of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on
: sand medium. Hyphae tightly adhere to sand so extraction of hyphae is
: unsuccessful.
: Dose anybody have any information about the separation of hyphae from sand
: (enzymatically, chemically) ?
: Can anybody tell me the mechanisms of adhesion ?

: Any help would be appreciated.

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