Fungi wanted

Michael Wood mikewood at
Thu Nov 10 11:01:20 EST 1994

I am posting the following announcement for a friend of a friend. Please 
do NOT respond to me.

Vector Laboratories, a biotech company in Burlingame, CA would like to
obtain fruiting bodies of Aleuria aurantia, commonly known as orange peel
fungus and Laccaria amethysteo-occidentalis. The latter, also known as
Laccaria amethystina, is common on the West Coast of the US during the
winter months under pine. These two fungi are a source of proteins used
in biological research. Vector will pay about $20 per pound for fresh or
fresh frozen material and will reimburse for shipping. Contact James
Whitehead at (415) 697-3600, FAX (415) 697-0339.

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