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Thu Nov 10 08:48:27 EST 1994

Gregory Kleinheinze writes:

"Can anyone give me information on the genus Exophiala? I
am interested in obtaining as much information as possible.
Mmedically related infromation, while interesting, is not of 
interest at this time.  I am looking for information regarding
Exophiala in the environment, growth optimum, etc.  Thanks for your 

I've been finding Exophiala spinifera and Rhinocladiella atrovirens (a related 
black yeast) on field grown maize ears from diverse locations in the US. My
interest in them stems from the fact that these fungal isoalates metabolize a
mycotoxin, fumonisin,  that often occurs in maize grain that is infected with
Fusarium moniliforme. There  is probably an interesting ecological story there

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