mycorrhizae info?

Lewis Melville lmelvill at
Mon Nov 14 09:50:36 EST 1994

szalmasj at wrote:
: Hello.
: 	I am currently in the process of trying to gain information on 
: mycorrhizal assotiations and the practical uses whoch accompany them.  Any 
: and all information on mycorrhizae would be greatly appreciated, and specifics 
: on the practical uses would be even more beneficial.  Thank you
: 				Stephen J. Szalma
: 				Hiram college
: 				Szalmasj at

	Start with Mycorrhizae by Harley and Smith ( Academic press ). 
There is a wealth of information in the literature. There is also a 
listserv mailing list called micronet at where you can post 
specific questions which are bulk mailed to mycorrhiza researchers around 
the world. Send a message to listserv at with subscribe micronet 
in the message, or contact me at lmelvill at good luck. lewis 

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