Gourmet mushrooms in the south?

Bruno Pretto & Paula Vopni bpretto at io.org
Mon Nov 14 07:19:44 EST 1994

In article <3a5qm4$7eh at newsbf01.news.aol.com> webdweller at aol.com (Webdweller) writes:

>Is there any organization or group which collects edible mushrooms in the
>southern U.S.? I am interested as I am presently cultivating such exotics
>as Shiitake and Golden Oysters (for personal consumption) and am
>interested in edible strains which grow wild in the South. If you have any
>ideas, info or comments please send them along.

Mushroompeople is located in  Summertown TN  EMS: INTERNET MBX 
mcimail.com!0002745871 at cdp.uuucp. They supply shiitake spawn, equipment books.


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