Ozan Gonenc at887 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Tue Nov 15 23:36:07 EST 1994

To all the Fungi People out there.

I'm conducting a laboratory experiment in Biology.  I've attempted to
study the life cycle of Schizophyllum using dry basidiocarps.  I only got
as far as the cotton-ball stage.

Eventhough I have about 23 slides made up, I'm still having trouble
picking out the major structures which emphasize the stages I've made
slides from.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone can give me any clues on how I can
differentiate between germlings (other than not being branched), primary
mycellium, and secondary mycellium.

Thanx to those who can help my undergraduate year of labs a little easier!

Ozan Gonenc
"The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd.
 The one who walks alone is likely to find themself in places no one has
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