Re mushroom poisoning by Leccinum

Lorelei Norvell lorelei at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Wed Nov 16 08:46:38 EST 1994

Ryan -- tried to send this to you personally to your regular address; the 
answer was refused by your server for some reason.  This was in response 
to your poisoning by the Leccinum.....
	Dear Ryan -- You have my heartfelt sympathy -- and appreciation 
for sharing your tale of woe.  I suspect you are correct -- that you and 
your dad share a sensitivity.  However, more people need to be alerted 
that not all mushrooms are safe to eat for everyone.
	Incidentally, did you cook your mushroom thoroughly?  (You might 
have mentioned that but I access email via long-distance and don't want 
to take the time to check what you said).  We have found via the Oregon 
Toxicology committee that in many instances undercooking is the culprit.  
Mushrooms should generally be reduced by a considerable amount before 
eating.  One of the most consistent offenders is the Armillaria mellea 
complex -- we had an instance in Oregon where twelve different people ate 
from a very large collection of Armillaria.  Eleven thgoroughly cooked 
theirs and ate modest amounts.  The gonzo guy who just lightly sauteed 
his missed Thanksgiving dinner the next day because the sight of food was 
more than he could stand.  And we have had numerous cases where 
Armillarias have been thrown into sauces or gravies at the last moment 
after light sauteing, with unhappy results.
	Lorelei Norvell

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