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>Does anyone know what Sub-Division the following Orders of fungi belong to?  
Don't you mean genera?

>Chrysosporium Corda
            Author name

Kingdom Fungi
	Division Amastigomycota
		Subdivision Ascomycotina
			Class Ascomycetes
				Subclass Plectomycetidae
					Order Eurotiales
						Family ?
							Corynascus (= sex. stage of Chrysosporium)
				Subclass Pyrenomycetes II
					Order Xylariales
						Family Sordariaceae
							Neurospora (= sex. stage of some Monilia)
				Subclass Pyrenomycetes III
					Order Hypocreales
						Family Nectriaceae
							Nectria (= sex. stage of some Fusarium)
							Giberella (= sex. stage of some Fusarium)
						Family Hypocreales
							Calonectria (= sex. stage of some Fusarium)
						Family Hypomycetaceae
							Hypomyces (= sex. stage of some Fusarium)
				Subclass Discomycetes
					Order Helotiales
						Family Sclerotiniaceae
							Monilinia (= sex. stage of some Monilia)
		Subdivision Deuteromycotina
			Form-class Deuteromycetes
				Form-subclass Hyphomycetidae
					Form-order Moniliales
						Form-family Moniliaceae
						Form-family Tuberculariaceae

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