melanin in fungi

Lester Pasarell ad727 at RGFN.EPCC.EDU
Thu Nov 24 15:26:38 EST 1994

In the clinical mycology laboratory in order to detect if a fungus when
present in the tissue of a host has melanin the FONTANA MASSOn stain is
reccomended, I do not have a refernce for that stain, but it could be found
in a medical histology book.
The stain is also used for the dx of the Basidyomycetous (please forgive the spelli
spelling) yeast Trichosporon and Cryptococcus which contain dihydroxyphenylalanine
 melanin when present in host tissue,even when these two yeast do not appear
black in culture. Good luck.....
Lester Pasarell
Clinical Mycology lab
University of Texas Medical Branch
Galveston, Tx 77555
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