Karyotype a fungus??

James Brown james.brown at afrc.ac.uk
Tue Nov 29 15:44:58 EST 1994

> Does anyone know of a reference where a chromosome spread
> has been examined microscopically to actually _count_ the
> number of chromosomes in a fungus?  Since this is routinely
> done with mammalian cells, I thought this might be a way
> to estimate the chromosome number in fungi.
> <glen_shearer at bull.cc.usm.edu>

The main problem is that the chromosomes are usually so small. One
reference, to an ascomycete which causes a powdery mildew disease,
Erysiphe graminis, is by:
L. Borbye, I. Linde-Larsen, S.K. Christiansen & H. Giese (1992)
Mycological Research 96:97-102. This illustrates how it could be done,
and also some of the problems.

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