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The Third NIAID Workshop in the Medical Mycology Series

Immunology in Medical Mycology (Part 1 of 2):

Yellowstone Conference Center
Big Sky, Montana
September 7-9, 1995


The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National 
Institutes of Health (NIAID) recognizes the growing importance of 
medical mycology and the opportunities provided by recent advances in 
immunology and molecular biology. Two workshops will be devoted to this 
topic.  The first workshop, or Part 1, will be held September 7-9, 1995. 
Part 2 will be held approximately one year later.  The goals of Part 1 
are to: 

(1) expand the network of investigators working with immunological systems 
in medical mycology; (2) interface with investigators from other fields 
for interactive learning; and (3) highlight the technological aspects of 
isolation and characterization of antigens that elicit a protective 
immune response in the host.


Topics for the 2.5 day workshop (Part 1) are:  Antigenic Peptides and
Proteins; Glycobiology; and Vaccines.  A general overview of the topic area
in medical mycology will be presented along with specific advances in 
fungal and non-fungal related models of human infectious diseases.  
There will be one morning session each of the three days and one evening 
session on the first and second days.  Afternoons will be free. 
Registrants are invited to submit abstracts of 150-250 words to be 
considered for presentation in the poster sessions.

Interaction will be facilitated by discussions in small working groups
following each of the first two day's sessions, in addition to group
discussion at large on the third day.

The workshop is co-chaired by Rebecca Cox, Ph.D., George Deepe, M.D., and
Jim Cutler, Ph.D.  (A joint workshop of the NIAID, The Texas Center for 
Infectious Diseases, The University of Cincinnati, Montana State 
University, and the Medical Mycology Community).


Wednesday, September 6
Arrival, Registration
8:00 pm Reception

Thursday, September 7               -----PROTEINS/PEPTIDES-----

George Deepe, Jr., M.D.       Peptides:  A Medical Mycological Assessment
U. Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH

Alessandro Sette, Ph.D.       The Study of T Cell Mediated Immunity in 
Cytel Corp.                   Fungal Disease
San Diego, CA

James P. Tam, Ph.D.           Multiple Antigenic Peptide Based Vaccines
Vanderbilt U.
Nashville, TN


Paula R. Sundstrom, Ph.D.     Isolation of "the Right" Genes and Their
Ohio State U.                 Products; Candida enolase
Columbus, OH

Bruce Klein, M.D.             Blastomyces dermatitidis; Native and
U. Wisconsin                  Recombinant Peptide Immunoreactivity
Madison, WI

Theo N. Kirkland, M.D.        Immunoprotective Responses to Coccidioides
VA Medical Center             immitis
San Diego, CA

Elizabeth J. Keath, Ph.D.     Histoplasma capsulatum Phase-Specific,
St. Louis U.                  Nuclear Protein Factors
St. Louis, MO

Friday, September 8           -----GLYCOBIOLOGY-----


Thomas R. Kozel, Ph.D.        Glycobiology: A Medical Mycological
U. Nevada                     Assessment
Reno, NV

Patrick J. Brennan, Ph.D.     Glycolipids and Glycoproteins of Mycobacteria
Colorado State U.             and their Isolation, Purification, Synthesis 
Ft. Collins, CO               and Antigenicity

Roger O'Neil, Ph.D.           Methods/Approaches to Separate and Purify
Perkin Elmer                  Carbohydrates; Sequence Modeling
Foster City, CA


Jim E. Cutler, Ph.D.          Candida albicans Cell Surface Mannan 
Montana State U.              Structure and Function
Bozeman, MT

Robert Cherniak, Ph.D.        Heterogeneity of the Cryptococcus neoformans
Georgia State U.              capsule:  An Overview and Implications for
Atlanta, GA                   the Field

Arturo Casadevall,            Immunoreactive Epitopes of Cryptococcus      
      M.D., Ph.D.             neoformans
Albert Einstein College 
      of Medicine
Bronx, NY

Errol Reiss, Ph.D.            Glycoproteins of Histoplasma, Blastomyces and
Centers for Disease Control   Coccidioides
Atlanta, GA

Saturday, September 9               -----VACCINES-----


John E. Bennett, M.D.         Vaccines:  A Medical Mycological Assessment
National Institutes 
      of Health
Bethesda, MD

Roy Curtiss III, Ph.D.        From Molecular Biology to Large Scale Trials.
Washington U.                 Salmonella as an Antigen Vector:  Learning 
St. Louis, MO                 from Pitfalls

Milan S. Blake, Ph.D.         A Gonococcal Vaccine Approach
Rockefeller U.
New York, NY

John R. La Montagne, Ph.D.    Vaccines and the NIAID
National Institutes 
      of Health
Bethesda, MD

Dennis M. Dixon, Ph.D.        Vaccines and the Mycology Program
National Institutes 
      of Health
Bethesda, MD


Enrollment will be limited to 100 people.  

The deadline:
   for registration is August 23, 1995.
   for travel requests is June 1, 1995.
   for submission of Abstracts for a poster session is June 1, 1995.

For further information about the Workshop, contact Sheri Gardner at the
Extended Studies Office, Extended Studies Office, 204 Culberston Hall, 
Montana State University, Bozeman, MT  59717  
Telephone:  406-94-5240
FAX: 406-994-6546
Internet: uxssg at


Registration:  $314(includes registration fees, round trip ground
transportation from and to the Bozeman airport, the reception on 
Wednesday evening, meals as indicated above and coffee breaks) 

Lodging:  $78/room/night (single or double occupancy)


Limited travel support will be available.  To be considered for support,
eligibility for NIH National Research Service Awards for Individual 
Research Fellows (F32) or graduate students eligible for NIH predoctoral 
training programs (T32) is required.


The list of contributors for this workshop includes the NIAID, Montana 
State University, University of Cincinnati, Abbott Labs, Eli Lilly, 
Glaxo, Merck Research Labs, Miles, Monsanto, Pfizer, Sandoz and 

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