Wild Matsutake Harvest

MycoWorld mycoworld at aol.com
Wed Oct 5 22:03:16 EST 1994

I am trying to determine how well the wild matsutake (Tricholoma
magnivelare, Armillaria ponderosa, A. Caligata) season is doing around the
world.  Yields have been poor and prices low here in central Oregon.  I
have a reliable report from Korea that their season is one of the worst on
record.  I believe that Canada (BC) is doing ok and hear rumors that China
and Russia are doing well - can anyone confirm or deny this info?  Also,
can anyone tell me what is happening in the Japanese retail market in
terms of prices and supply compared to previous years?  Thanks for any
Jerry Haugen, The Mushroom Growers' Newsletter
MycoWorld at aol.com

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