ATCC & Psilocybe

jm102 Jerome_J_MOTTA at UMAIL.UMD.EDU
Fri Oct 7 17:39:16 EST 1994

     Just to set the record straight regarding Psilocybe and ATCC, the fact is
that no one ordered, demanded or otherwise pressured ATCC into de-accessioning
Psilocybe from its inventory.  Psilocybe is on the list of controlled
substances.  DEA requires a special "License To Distribute" every controlled
substance and imposes a significant financial burden of documentation and
justification, including licensing, on both the vendor and the vendee.  Even
though ATCC is a non-profit organization, it is a business and it has to pay
the rent.  Simply maintaining living cultures is an expensive proposition in
and of itself.  There isn't much demand from the scientific community for
Psilocybe.  When ATCC looked at the distribution figures (sales) of Psilocybe
cultures and factored in all the additional costs associated with federal
regulation, it decided it was just not cost effective to maintain the culture.
 De-accessioning of Psilocybe was simply a business decision and not the
result of coercion by anyone or any agency, government or otherwise.  If more
of you folks into schroons had bought cultures it would still be available.



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