Fascism at Work in our Government

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Fri Oct 7 16:02:04 EST 1994

>I just downloaded this and thought all the "mycophiles" 
>might like toinvestigate this more fully:
>This may be a bit premature since I have not myself
>verified exactly what happened, however, I have it on
>good authority that in mid-to-late-September to DEA sent
>a written order to ATCC (American Type Culture Center, I
>believe) demanding that they destroy all their psilocybian
>mushroom cultures.  Evidently the researchers at ATCC
>carried out the order.  It's my understanding that ATCC was
>one of the only legal sources for such cultures.
>I'll be trying to get some solid facts on this when I return
>to on Monday.  If anyone has any info please funnel it my way.

Behavior such as this should not be tolerated by the scientific
community.  There are several species of rare Psilocybe of which
only one or two specimens have ever been recorded, the ONLY 
examples of which now reside in culture collections overseas, and 
which are now in a very sad state due to the repressive paranoia
surrounding the genus, a reputation which it hardly deserves.
Are we to not include specimens simply because our govenrment has
an excessive fear of the possible psycotrophic content?

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