Help with culture please (newbie)

Jeffrey Ehlinger an524 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Wed Oct 12 10:44:11 EST 1994

	My professor got some spores for Christmas this past year
 and he asked me to start them for him.
	The instructions were in Russian, so we first had to have them
translated. The species is "Boletus Edgilus" (the spelling could be wrong).
	After two weeks, there is many white moldy looking patches on\
the leaf mediumm. I have two trays that are being used. I have      
lowered the moisture content on one of them to try to get rid of
the mold looking stuff.
	I wonder is this the form the mycelium takes ?
	Is that what I'm seeing.?
In two weeks, I will cut large holes in the plastic bag keeping the
moisture in, then hopefully I will get some results.
	Please e-mail me if you have any idea on how to 
culture Boletus edgilus.
PS- the medium should have been completely sterilized when I 
autocl;aved it at 120C for twenty minutes.

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