Help with culture please (newbie)

Dennis Gaunt dgaunt at
Thu Oct 13 13:44:05 EST 1994

Jeffrey Ehlinger (an524 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA) wrote:

: 	My professor got some spores for Christmas this past year
:  and he asked me to start them for him.
: 	The instructions were in Russian, so we first had to have them
: translated. The species is "Boletus Edgilus" (the spelling could be wrong).
: 	After two weeks, there is many white moldy looking patches on\
: the leaf mediumm. I have two trays that are being used. I have      
: lowered the moisture content on one of them to try to get rid of
: the mold looking stuff.
: 	I wonder is this the form the mycelium takes ?
: 	Is that what I'm seeing.?
: In two weeks, I will cut large holes in the plastic bag keeping the
: moisture in, then hopefully I will get some results.
: 	Please e-mail me if you have any idea on how to 
: culture Boletus edgilus.
: -Jeff
: PS- the medium should have been completely sterilized when I 
: autocl;aved it at 120C for twenty minutes.
Do you mean Boletus edulis?  Those white moldy looking patches are 
probably the fungus that you "planted".  
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