DNA from dermatophytes

"David Brayford ", IMI D.BRAYFORD at CABI.org
Fri Oct 14 05:34:48 EST 1994

I've not actually worked on this, but happen to know of these references: 

Estruch, J. J.,  Antuna, C., Ferrer, S. & Ramon, D. (1989).  Isolation of 
genomic DNA from Trichophyton mentagrophytes.   Revista Iberica de Micologia 
6: 62-66.

 Davison, F. D. & Mackenzie, D. W. R. ( 1984).   DNA homology studies in the 
taxonomy of dermatophytes. Sabouraudia  22: 117-123.

for mtDNA - see Suzuki et al., Mycopathologia 103: 147-151 (1988)
and Nishio et al. Mycopathologia 117: 127-132 (1992)

Dave Brayford
International Mycological Institute
To: mycology
Subject: DNA from dermatophytes
Date: 13 October 1994 5:18

Does anyone know of a protocol for extraction of
DNA from dermatophytes especially Trichophyton and
Epidermophyton species.

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