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 Bob is right.The compounds are illegal; not the genus or its members.  Of
interest to many of you, I have finally got around to submitting a new
species for publication - Psilocybe azurescens which I have co-authored
Jochen Gartz who did extensive analyses. A surprising finding is that when
mycelium of this species, otherwise extremely potent, was cultured on 10%
plus malt agar medium (100 grams/liter), there were NO detectable amounts
of psilocybin, psilocin, and/or baeocystin! In contrast, mycelia on 2%MEA 
had, collectively, more than 2.5% (d.w.) of the same. Bizarre, but
true.This is the third species I have named and it is by far, the most
interesting. It may well be the 
most potent species ever analyzed. This work was done under the auspices
of a DEA license through Dr. Michael Beug of The Evergreen State College
and has no connection to Fungi Perfecti. 

    I agree that the loss of these cultures is a loss to us all -
especially for future

paul stamets

    The article will be published in Integration. The ms. was 20 pages and
should clear up or - in the minds of some - further complicate the
taxonomy of the Caerulescent species. (No cultures are available. Please
do not ask. The type location is Astoria, Oregon.) 


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