Q: soil fungi Peniophora & Pleurotus

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Mon Oct 17 10:54:02 EST 1994

>aeiham at waikato.ac.nz Writes:

>Can anyone tell me off the top of there head what type of soil fungi
>_Peniophora gigantea_ and _Pleurotus ostreatus_ are?

Pleurotus ostreatus is commonly known as the oyster mushroom.  It's widely
cutivated - by last report #2 in world production after Agaricus.  It's a
decayer- grows on tress, straw or just about anything.

Peniophora gigantea took me to David Arora's book "Mushrooms Demystified".
 It's sort of a bracket fungus forming a "paper-thin crust on dead
conifers".  Apparently a decayer also.

Jerry Haugen, The Mushroom Growers' Newsletter
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