Armillaria caligata (R. Mullin)

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Wed Oct 19 10:00:53 EST 1994

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>RE Armillaria caligata
>Armillaria caligata is really Tricholoma caligatum.  It is
>mycorrhizal and sometimes is said to be a synonym of the
>Japanese Matsutake, a highly prized edible.  Presumably
>interest stems from that aspect.  For those accepting the
>synonymy there is Japanese literature on attempts to
>cultivate the mycorrhizal fungus (not necessarily the
>mushroom fruitbodies).  For the true T. caligatum there is
>less literature.  Just what is that you want to know?

Thank you for your reply.

I am interested in the following:
What is the difference between T. caligatum and the Japanese Matsutake?
How would I get the Japanese literature?
How would I cultivate T. caligatum?
What conditions and habitat produce optimum growth of T. caligatum?
Where would I find T. caligatum in New Brunswick?

Your reply would be greatly appreciated.
R. Mullin

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