Neurospora genome project

Chuck Staben staben at
Sun Oct 23 11:10:41 EST 1994

Jay Dunlap reminded me that he had taken some responsibility for organizing 
an effort to use CHEF gels of translocation strains to generate chromosome
arms for probing the YAC libray generated by Mike Centola.  There has not
been anyone strongly motivated enough to really do this.
Jack Kinsey and Jay Dunlap have some limited funds available for this

David Catcheside informed me that his group has done two chromosome walks:
one on LGV covering 240 kb covering gul and ure-1.  A second covers cog and
probably contains ad-3A and ad-3B.  Many other groups, such as Jay Dunlap and
Tom Schmidhauser and Rob McClung have also reported chromosome walks, though
it is my impression that these data are not really being accumulated in any
central fashion.

Dan Ebbole has recently acquired the YAC library from FGSC, and suggests that
FGSC might provide hybridization filters as a service.

My impression is that there is not a well-coordinated effort to map the Neurospora genome at present, and that this remains a fertile area for discussion
at Asilomar.

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