Strange fungi in burned forest

Lenja Lenja
Mon Oct 24 03:28:08 EST 1994

I did not work with fungi too much although I am microbiologist.
During my student project I collected some strange fungi in an Ural
Region in Russia. There was a fire in forest about week before I've started.
An amasing fact was that a lot of colored plasmodia and cup-like fungi (like a
small coffee cup) were growing in plenty on a groung where all other plants and
grass were burned out. I could never find the same species in a neighbourhood where fire
din not happened.
Apparently a forest fire is a disaster, but seems to be
a great fun for mycologist. Has anybody in USA studied fungi in burned forests?

About medicinal tea. The fungus I saw in use for the tea was not plasmodium, 
neither colored. It formed a sheet layer with some gelly stuff beneath.


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