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Mon Oct 24 16:04:03 EST 1994

mlsbb3embm at wrote:

: 	I hope someone here can help me with a fictitios grant proposal I have
: to make.

: 	The topic I've been given is to develop a research programme around an
: expedition to the Amazonian Rainforest to isolate new wood decay fungi for
: potential use in the pulp and papermaking industries, also including costing of
: the proposals.

: 	As it is I don't have a clue, so I would appreciate if you could post
: (or e-mail) information regardin the following: wood decay fungi; the pulp and
: papermaking industries; grant proposals; and costing.

: 	Many thanks,
: 		    Ewan Mollison.

I would suggest going to the library and looking up industrial mycology.  
There is a lot of interest in using fungal enzymes ie from wood decay 
fungi to break down lignin etc in wood, avoiding the use of chlorine and 
other chemicals to bleach the pulp. 
You probably will also want to look up wood decay fungi, or 
basidiomycetes as a broad group, and look for habitat range, if possible 
they could be found in the rainforest.  Supposedly you may find new 
species so if in your proposal you can state that other fungi are found 
in the area there is a good chance you may find some new species.  
Typically funding is vague, you should ask your prof. how exact they want 
it.  Think of travel costs, labour costs, living expense, and rough lab 
equipment costs, people typically estimate these on grants anyways.
As for writing a grant proposal, it has to be concise reasonably 
detailed. See if your prof has an example.   Good luck, this is an 
interesting area of research.  Seanna  (sannis at

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