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Tue Oct 25 02:10:10 EST 1994

In article <94102409463026 at> dhaas at HUGO.FSUFAY.EDU writes:
>I had a student ask an interesting question this AM.  "Are there any plants
>that form mutualistic relationships with both bacteria and fungi at the same
>time?"  I told her that I couldn't give her a specific example but I didn't
>see why it couldn't happen. Does anyone know of examples of this?  Do legumes
>containing Rhizobium also show endo or ecto mycorrhizal associations?

You are correct in your assumption that legumes can be nodulated by
rhizobia and be mycorrhizal as well.  I know for sure it occurs in
Pisum, Trifolium and Medacago having read papers on all these with
nodules and VAM.  I don't know for sure if Alnus or Myrica and the
other streptomycete symbionts but I would be surprised if it is not
the case

Peter Herman
New Mexico State Univ.

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