** What are yeast? **

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Wed Oct 26 11:25:46 EST 1994

In his mail "** What are yeast? **" Vu Nguyen Thanh wrote:

>For most of people yeasts are Sac. cerevisiae.
>For most of yeastists yeasts are the fungi with single cells stage of 
>development. But Mucor spp. can give us such kind of cells in condition 
>without O2 as well.  
>So, how do you think about "what are yeast" and "their origin"?

>    origin of yeasts:
>          / ...                    / fungi1             / yeasts
>    Fungi - ...        or    yeast - fungi2     or    X - fungi
>          \ yeasts                 \ fungi...           \ ...

>    or ...

>Have a nice day!

I've thought it over a while and came to this conclusion. Since there are 
some Zygomycete and Basidiomycete yeasts beneath the common Ascomycetes, my 
proposal is:

                 /Neurospora         /
      /more fungi      /lots of fungi
Fungi -even more fungi -mushrooms (mnjam) -...    
      \yeasts          \some more poor yeasts -

To say it short, yeasts are just degenerated filamentous fungi!
(Sorry to al "yeastists"!)

Warning: This sketch isn't based on any rRNA sequences. It is in fact 
the somewhat eccentric view of an molecular biology PhD candidate working 
with a filamentous fungus and not with yeast.

Christoph Kruell, Universitaet Duesseldorf, Germany

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