Help on Factors effecting Basidiospore release

J Bennett JGBENNET at
Thu Oct 27 14:33:42 EST 1994

	I'm trying to complete a very small research projest conducted 
during a field course in algonquin park. I am looking at the time required 
for basidiomycetes (Clavariaceae in particular) to begin releasing spores 
after being exposed to rain. My data collection as has many sources of 
error, but I'm doing my best to understand it.
	I would like some info on factors effecting spore release, if 
there has been other work completed on this subject, and any other advice 
you would like to give me or refer me to. This is not a huge project and is 
due shortly but any help would be much appreciated.

	Thank you
	Jamie Bennett
	U of waterloo
J Bennett

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