Eliminating Mushrooms

Fri Oct 28 11:31:55 EST 1994

I am frequently asked how to get rid of mushrooms,
particularly from lawns.  Depending upon which kinds of
mushrooms the answer may be obvious or not at all obvious. 
Mushrooms on buried wood or rotting roots may be eliminated
by removing the substrate (often easier said than done). 
Mushroom which are mycorrhizal come with the associated tree
or shrub usually planted nearby and the cute may be more
drastic than the "problem".  However, for the other
categories, the soil or thatch inhabiting species, it is
sometimes recommended that changing the soil pH might help,
for example by liming the soil.  Of course what might happen
is that one mushroom flora might be exchanged for another. 
My question to the mycology net is this - Does anyone know of
a type of commercially available treatment for soils such as
lawns, or gardens, which might be sprinkled on (liquid or
powder form) which will either kill most basidiomycetes or at
least suppress fruiting?  It would need to be legal in Canada
but I am open to learning what might be used in other
countries.  If you know of such a treatment perhaps you could
let us know what other effects it might have, i.e. it kills
mycorrhizal plants, is toxic to humans, dogs, leaves residues
which last decades, that sort of thing.  
Thanks.  I look forward to a discussion on this often
requested remedy.  
Oh yes - I normally like mushrooms and do not consider them
to be pests just because they fruit on lawns, but each person
has their own views.
Scott Redhead
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

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