Polypores: poisonous

Lorelei Norvell lorelei at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Fri Oct 28 22:34:52 EST 1994

On 28 Oct 1994, Herbs WA wrote:
> By polypores, I assume that you mean boletes and all their cousins. The 
> true polypores are all woody, inedible things that are usually found on 
> trees and stumps-- the conks and the bracket fungi. As far as boletes are 
> concerned, the only ones that are trully poisonous have red pores-- there 
> was actaully a death in Oregon from one of these only 10 days ago. (It is 
> the first case I have ever heard of)
> Apparently the poisoning involved a couple who ate Boletus pulcherrimus 
(formerly known as eastwoodiae).  The wife recovered, the husband died.  
Would have to check with the Toxicology Chairman of the Oregon 
Myc9ological society to be certain, but I believe that the husband 
already had a medical history with other complications.  Both were quite 
ill, however.
	Normally, we don't really consider Boletes to be Polypores.....

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