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If the spores are fresh, and for instance, if they are from Oyster
the probability of your getting Oyster mushroom cultures is very high. If
1/20 gram of gentamycin sulfate is added to your agar media, most bacteria
will be inhibited. Always leave several plates uninoculated so that you 
can determine if any contamination is intrinsic to the media prep. process
or the transfer technique. In observing mycologists doing isolates over
the past twenty years, I have been amazed at how many try to do
isolations without a laminar flow hood, in rooms where dozens of
mushrooms are pumping germ plasm into the air. This circumstance, I 
believe, has led to dozens of mislabelled cultures which are then passed
to others with some air of certainty. 

Good luck. And be prepared surprises. 

paul stamets

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