Lactarius of the North

ANDREA HOYT 003768h at
Mon Oct 31 18:37:00 EST 1994

I'm doing a project (undergraduate) on the genus Lactarius of Nova Scotia, 
Canada this year, and would appreciate any information or advise on 
literature, or recent studies.
Next year, I'll be doing a thesis on the Lactarii of the Yukon, northern 
British Columbia, and south-eastern Alaska.  As far as I have been able to 
ascertain, no scientific studies have ever been done on this genus for this 
area.  If anyone has any information on Lactarii of the North, I would be 
very happy to hear from you.  Also, if you can suggest books, articles, or 
recent studies, that would be grand.
Thank you very much.
	- Andrea J. Hoyt
	 Acadia University
	 e-mail address: 003768h at
	 or snail mail at:
		ASU Box 6341
		Wolfville, N.S.
		B0P 1X0  Canada

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