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jac55 at cas.org jac55 at cas.org
Fri Sep 9 15:13:06 EST 1994

In article jh3 at hippo.shef.ac.uk, mb1gt at sunc.sheffield.ac.uk (G Turner) writes:
>Is it possible to send a file to bionet.mycology 
>via the reader (similar to posting messages like this one) 
>without subscribing.  If so, which command?  If not, what 
>is the email address of bionet?
>Typing out an abstract using this system is too laborious.
>Geoff Turner
>G.Turner at sheffield.ac.uk

     If you're using a UNIX box then it's fairly easy.  With an 
     older newsreader like "rn" you start your post as normal and
     then you copy the file into the post using the "cat" command,
     i.e. <enter> cat <filename> <do>.  If you have an X-window
     machine, or any other graphical user interface machine using
     xrn, or xvnews or something comparable, then all the commands
     you need should be available through buttons or pull down
     menus.  Your system administrator should be able to tell
     what commands to use with your machine.
This either a forgery or a very clever original.
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