Fungus tea

Steven Carpenter microbe at CSOS.ORST.EDU
Thu Sep 8 08:30:40 EST 1994


Try posting to "alt.folklore.herbs" - there was a good response to
a question on this substance earlier this year.  I will check with
the Asia Pacific International Corporation for more leads.

-Steve Carpenter
 Abbey Lane Laboratories

Stamets 1 (stamets1 at wrote:
: In article <34ihft$ml0 at>, Don Reynolds
: <dreynold at> writes:

: the fungus tea you mention might be referring to one called the
: "Manchurian
: Mushroom" or Chambucha, Kambuska, etc....

: I have grown it and have lots of information on it.

: It is very popular with the New Agers who 
: would rather drink a substance of unknown
: identity than to learn that it may kill you.
: seriously. give me your address and i
: will send you an info sheet on it. 

: paul stamets 

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