Mushroom forays

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Sun Sep 11 09:12:04 EST 1994

In article <32cdgf$3ph at>, fgrun at
(fgrun) speaks of forays north of Albany. I am in Lake Placid and went out
yesterday at the recommendation of a hiker friend who said he had seen
birch trees covered with something that looked as though it would be
delicious.I went out with hopes of oysters or chickens and found instead
somethig which I do not know: beautiful massed clumps of s brown topped,
dry buffgilled species, veiled, ringed, gills fairly crowded, slightly
decurrent. I filled my day pack and have spent the morning with my books
and without a satisfactory outcome. I am making a spore print right now.
These were growing from the base and about three feet up a birch tree,
probably dead though I failed to confirm that. Also found Pholiotas in
abundance and another smaller veiled species also clumped on
birch,yellow-brown, brown gills. Both of these taste sweet and delicious
but I am nervous about going any further without more certain
identification. Any help would be appreciated.

Frank Wallace at North Country School - Camp Treetops 

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