Toxin absorbed from Substrate?

Faust ez040548 at
Sat Sep 17 13:07:29 EST 1994

	I have a question requarding the metabolic processes and absortion of 
potential toxins from the substrate into the fruit-body of mushrooms.
	I recently began composting and I am planning on growing any mushroom 
species which will take in my yard, I had in mind Stropharia 
rugoso-annulata (King Stropharia) and other edible mushrooms perhaps 
woodears and oyster mushrooms, the question I have is whether the compost 
of Oleander (a toxic bush/tree) will contain the toxins that the original 
plant did, and if it does, will these toxins be absorbed by the fungi.
	Obviously the toxins in this case are organic, but I also have 
another question, I have access to "sludge" from a waste treatment plant, 
and it contains larger quantitys of heavy metals than does normal soil, I 
am wondering if -those- would be absorbed.
	Also both of these questions would apply to normal vegetables as 
well if anyone knows anything about that, and if there is any appreciable 
difference in absortion.
	My e-mail address in case it is not posted it whporter at

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