Food Value of Cultivated Mushrooms

Colin Walker walker at
Mon Sep 19 02:32:34 EST 1994

I am searching for food value measurements ( you know the stuff, vitamins,
trace elements, other minerals) on the cultivated mushrooms, particularly
Agaricus spp., but I'll take anything.  

Those of you who know the literature might be aware that there is a bit out
there in texts and journal articles.  I have been accessing some of that,
especially through CAB, but I'm sure there is a body of additional
information that has been collected by many and just accumulates on files. 

This is a shame because while data on many other plant food species is
accumulating and agronomically-minded people are now working on fertiliser
effects on yields and tissue concentrations, optimising the ratios of
nutrients using principles like DRIS, and generally advancing their fields
of research, the mushroom nutrition and its value to humans seems somewhat

I think we need to accumulate an overview document, and I am offering to
consolidate the data and get it back onto this newsgroup as a summary.  

I'm particularly aware that mushrooms have a unique spectrum of vitamins,
lying between meat foods and vegetable foods.  I also think that they offer
us one of the best strategies to go 'easy on the earth' because of all the
compost production and waste recycling their production can drive, through
the economic return from the mushroom. So we need to raise their profile as
a healthy and nutritious food.

Please post to: walker at (Colin Walker)

Remember to give details of species (if known), parts, and how cultivated

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