Neurospora gene disruption

G Turner mb1gt at
Wed Sep 21 15:28:33 EST 1994

Kurihara Tatsuo (kurihara at PCLSP2.KUICR.KYOTO-U.AC.JP) wrote:

: Dear Netters:

: I would like to disrupt the gene of Neurospora crassa.
: Does anybody know a good system (marker gene etc.) for this experiment ?
: I would appreciate any information.

: Tatsuo Kurihara
: kurihara at
: Institute for Chemical Research
: Kyoto University

I believe that Neurospora people use RIP to inactivate genes, since 
homologous integration is reputed to be less frequent than in
for instance, A. nidulans. RIP : transform to give extra copy of 
gene then cross to inactivate both copies.
Apologies for my ignorance if mistaken.
Geoff Turner
G.Turner at

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