update of Morchella/sclerotia bomb run

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Thu Sep 22 11:37:09 EST 1994

Folks- I spoke to Tom Brannon (509-663-6400), WSU forest
 recovery specialist and he is reviewing aerial photographs of
 recent burns in the attempt to find two parallel sites. From his
 prior experience, finding two comparable
plots of land has been difficult. The criteria for selection:
 north slope, mid-elevation (2000-4000 ft.), walking distance
 from access road, land ideally separated by unburned
 "ridge-row" or similar division of unburned vegetation. 
He stated that if a suitable site can be found on non-DNR
 managed land, such as land governed by the Dept. of
 Fisheries & Wildlife, an interagency Memorandum of
 Understanding will have to be issued. Normally this would
be an bureaucratic entanglement, however, the idea seems
 to be cutting through much red-tape. 
   My thinking is that Oct. 15-16th would be a good date.
 Ideally, we need rain prior to the drop so that the Morel mycelia
 will quickly recover.  For those of you not familiar with the velocity
 of cell division, M.angusticeps will grow about 2-4 cm. per day
 under ideal conditions. When the microsclerotia
are broken, more sclerotia immediately results.
 Because of weather conditions,
we will need a ground crew at the site a day in advance,
 to help align the bomb run. 

Ideas? Suggestions? Volunteers? Skeptics? I invite your comments..... 

paul stamets

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