Morel Seeding of Forest by Fungi Perfecti

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>What  apparently has been missed is the fact that if this
>project works,it will empower mycologists everywhere. I am not seeking a
>patent, exclusivity or anything else. Mycologists from South Africa to the
>Netherlands may find one more avenue for their talents. What is
>sorely lacking in this field, is practical application - taking mycelium
>from the laboratory and re-introducing it back into the environment.

Righton!  Paul, you have the right idea.  We have been working to use
*endemic* fungi to control weeds, and encounter irrational fears and
emotional criticism of our projects at every turn- usually before we can
even open our mouths to explain ourselves.  It is a lot easier for people
to tear something apart, rather than create something worthwhile.  You are 
not the only one who has wrestled with the problems of large-scale field 
inoculations, believe me.  While mycologists push for what really amounts to 
sound microbial husbandry, there seems to be an ever-growing avalanche of 
fear and ignorance (and turf battles) to face.  For whatever its worth, 
you have my vote of support.			-RSW

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