solid substrate fermentation

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Thu Sep 29 04:43:33 EST 1994

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>Subject: solid substrate fermentation
>Date: 22 Sep 1994 13:56:02 GMT

>Is anybody out there in Mycoland working on or have experience with solid
>substrate fermentation? Particularly on a large scale or scaling up from
>the lab to production.

>If yes, please respond: dvandervoort at

>Thanks, Dirk


>Butte, Montana: mile high, mile deep, two miles wide, pH=2.3
Hello Dirk

We are working in Pietermaritzburg on solid state fermentation of 
Trichoderma production as a biocontrol agent.  My Honours work is looking at 
Quality Control for large scale production.

I would be most interested to hear further from you.

Thanks, Anne

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